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Infosbar Awards in Live from The Mics

Le 5 Septembre 2016

For its 10th anniversary, the iconic website of HoReCa’s (Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes) members and bars’ lovers organizes the first INFOSBAR AWARDS within the framework of the Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS). Exclusive interview of Laurent Le Pape, CEO of website.

Laurent Le Pape & Charly Brunet - Infosbar © Philippe Martineau
Laurent Le Pape & Charly Brunet - Infosbar © Philippe Martineau
MICS: Why did you choose Monaco to celebrate the HoReCa’s universe?
Laurent Le Pape: Infosbar falls within a trends’ prescriber and discoverer approach. This is a common trait we share with the MICS. Many points matched with our desire to insert a referent event into our event: the quality of this trade show, its offer (new spirits brands, news trends, conferences, events, master class etc) and its international dimension.

What are the several categories competing for the Infosbar Awards?
Regarding the categories awarded in live: Best French cocktails Bar, Best cocktail signature, Best bartenders contest, Best bartender, Best Brand Ambassador, Best launch of product or limited series product, Best mixology’s initiative. The other seven categories’ winners elected on Internet will also be announced just before the final.

What are you aims behind the Infosbar Awards?
To establish a serious and legitimate honour. The Infosbar Awards will enable winners of each category competing to expand their communication and to promote their savoir-faire. We want to create a new quality label on the HoReCa’s universe.

How did you select the 6 nominees of each category?
We have set 15 categories with, for each of them, a long (collaborative) roll established by the Infosbar editorial board. A regulation, validated by the voters, has been dropped off with a bailiff. In total, almost 1500 persons (professionals and consumers) have validated their choice on a dedicated platform at a rate of only one vote by person. Voters expressed themselves on one or several categories.
At the end, we extracted the six best scores of each category. 

What is the panel of judges for the Infosbar Awards?
First of all, Olivier Bon (co-founder of the Experimental Group and speaker at MICS on Thursday 13th at 5.30pm), he has been one of the first people interviewed on Infosbar. We also have some famous cocktails’ experts such as Matthias Giroud (Buddha bar world development) and Maxime Hoerth (Bar manager of the Hotel Bristol in Paris and holder of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France tittle). To complete this experts’ panel: Jean-Albert Vergnaud (co-founder of the MICS), Jérome Foucaud, founder of TiGrr (Paris-Megeve-Saint Tropez), Murano Resort & KUBE and Alexandre Vingtier (specialist of spirits and chief redactor of Rumporter magazine). Each member of the jury benefited from a coefficient of 2 and the jury directly concerned by one or several categories competing could obviously not vote for these ones. 

#infosbar10ans #infosbarawards #micsmonaco
#infosbar10ans #infosbarawards #micsmonaco
On the occasion of the Infosbar Awards, you also run the hash tag #infosbar10ans (10 years of Infosbar).
If you had to summarize your 10 years…

A huge adventure initiated alone with many doubts and incertitude! Some assumed risks, an enormous work, a self-training with many tutorials, some sleepless nights, and very bad days (sometimes), the absence of advertisers… during the first years. And then, the confidence of the Bacardi Martini France group and the one of La Martiniquaise group and others groups and spirits brands. A team that I really love with, especially, faithful’s journalists such as Sarah Canonge at the website’s beginning, Caroline Jolivet and, more recently Charly Brunet.

Thousands of articles, almost one thousand of on-line videos, very nice productions with my producer Dan Real, tens of thousands pictures catch and frequently retouched to offer wonderful imageries to our readers. On a decade, hundreds of newsletters have been sent; there were reports in Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, United-States of American but also in Thailand or in Indonesia. Ten years of press travels, invitations, receptions, events, discovery of new places and news trends…Since 2006, we have discovered many talents and highlighted hundreds of bartenders and cocktails…#ilovemylife. In 10 years, thanks to the readers’ confidence, Infosbar Network has become an inescapable media.  The rest of the story remains to be written with the Infosbar Awards. To be continued…

Laurent Le Pape © Kimphotographe
Laurent Le Pape © Kimphotographe
At the beginning of this interview, you have talked about trends; 
do you have novelties to unveil during the Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS)?

We recently discovered and really liked the brand "Boboules© - Une autre pétanque" (an indoor petanque boules game concept developped by Lunacom Groupe, a communication advice agency). As you have noticed, the petanque boules game (also named petanque) are really fashionable. Its application to the Olympics Games 2024enables the establishment of a new image which consequences are international. 

The indoor boules meet the expectations of 200 thousands players worldwide to practice and especially to share a friendliness moment. Boboules© - Une autre pétanque" gathers the age brackets but this concept goes even further with an events vision which already seduced venues in Paris (bar, restaurant, hotel) for a launch on november. 

Beautiful international emblem companies and luxury brands have already put an option on this concept. For this reason and many others, we have decided to present this innovative concept at a preview showing in the MICS. Indeed, we are going to organize the MICS TROPHEE, a challenge between brands or venues on the stand of Infosbar / Boboules© - Une autre pétanque" located closed to the main stage. Mini teams contests and a nice conviviality moment to share at the Grimaldi Forum on October 12th, 13th and 14th 2016. We invite each professional to come, to try out this new concept and to be photographed on our booth. We also have invited some personalities to come to “tease the bowls” (laughs). Don’t miss it!

The radio made a mark on your route, especially your pass through the NRJ Paris air. What is the concept of the ephemeral radio you are going to fill with life during the trade show?
My friend Frédéric Marc (CM Broadcast), presenter and producer of Philippe Gildas, Phillipe Manoeuvre, Eric Lange but also Dominique Duforest offered me his skills to create Infosbar Radio in live from the MICS. The idea is to lead with both Charly & Charlee (Moss), a moment of 3 hours during the ones we’ll receive the nominees, the sponsors, partners or any other speaker of Infosbar Awards. We’ll talk about their news and we’ll figure out their novelties.


Could you sum up the #InfosbarAwards 2016 on several hash tags?
#infosbar10ans #endirectdumics #micsmonaco #forumgrimaldi #theplacetobe #warmupsurprise #happenings #boboules #people #horecacelebration #barindustryawards #retransmissionlive #reseauxsociaux #charleemoss #doublesprix #votelive #jurydexperts #livefrommics  #ilovemylife



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